Dear members of the Korean Society for Surgery of the hand!

Since the establishment of the Korean Society for Surgery of the hand in 1982, it has established itself due to the service and dedication of many of its seniors and fellow members. Since 2005, the system of the Department of surgery has been established and operated most efficiently in the surgical field. Thanks to the efforts of senior and former chairmen and members and the active dedication of members, the Society of Orthopedic and the Plastic Surgeons have worked together in harmony and are recognized as the most exemplary of all academic societies.

Nevertheless, there are still many problems to be solved in the domestic medical community, including poor medical insurance cost and etc. At this point in time, I took a key role in maintaining and accelerating the development of our society and I would like to share the following with you.

  1. The numbers of medical services are actively being implemented. We will actively deal with this society and do our best for the rights and interests of the members.
  2. In order to improve the quality of training for detailed examinations, we will evaluate the appropriateness of training hospitals, streamline the qualification criteria, and seek to expand the scope of specialists.
  3. We will continue to publish an academic journal (the Society for Surgery of the Hand and the Society for Micro Surgery) to develop it into an international academic journal.
  4. We will strive to take the initiative in Asia and the Pacific region by developing international academic conferences and strengthening cooperation with foreign countries by expanding academic and human exchanges.

Dear members of the Korean Society for Surgery of the hand!

We ask that you give us a lot of lessons and cooperation in realizing globalization, reinforcing an internal function and adapting to the difficult medical environment.

December 2018
the chairman of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand
Sang-Hyun Woo, MD, PhD

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